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Our schedule has been put together to accommodate for all types of working hours.
We will start with two morning classes, and two evening classes.

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About CrossFit Kyalami

CrossFit Kyalami is a family run CrossFit box, we offer a strength and conditioning brand suitable for anybody. Our program offers not just to elite athletes but for children, average males and females even grandparents looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Our views of fitness are to find the most efficient, safe and functional way to complete any task, not just in a gym environment but in everyday life as well. We at CrossFit Kyalami promote a healthy lifestyle for our members. Through a high intensity, broad and inclusive program both challenging, fun and safe we wish to help our clients achieve their personal health/fitness/strength and conditioning goals.


Thursday 23/2/2017 Active rest

Warm up/ WOD: 3 rounds; 30 cal row 5 lap sled push 3 rope climbs 50 sledge hammers 30m Overhead lunge 30 GHD   10 – 15 min stretch.

Wednesday 15/2/2017

Warm up:  3 Rounds: 10 GTOH (plate) 10 m Walking lunge 10 Thrusters 10m OH walk Core: 3 Rounds: 1 min bridge Max effort Lsit Rest 1 min Strength:  Deadlift 5 x 3 reps @ 75% WOD: EMOM: 16 min 5-7 Ring muscle ups 3 Laps sled push 2 Rope climbs 10 DB/KB alt. snatch