About Us

CrossFit Kyalami is a strength and conditioning facility located in the Kyalami area close to the Kyalami race track. Our goal is to help people, help them to move, balance, control, be better, be stronger and be healthier. We take time to guide and develop our members to fulfill their goals and reach their optimum fitness level through a comprehensive health and fitness program of contently varied, functional movements at a high intensity which is scalable to one’s level of fitness. This means that as long as you are committed, you can get started regardless of your experience in CrossFit or your fitness level.

Our program combines weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio vascular movements to achieve the most effective fitness program. There isn’t a better strength and conditioning program that works with a greater variety of equipment, movements and drills where every day is a different program.

At CrossFit, we train very hard, it creates a bond that builds our community to build each other up, as a community we sweat together, expose each other’s weaknesses and get stronger and fitter together. Our members break down walls and accomplish things they never thought they were capable of and continuously set new standard for themselves.

At CrossFit Kyalami, our community is our greatest asset, egos and negative attitudes are left at the door, we are a facility which builds each other up through support and healthy competition and a humble and positive attitude.